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Phone Consulting

There are some computers that asSYSter dreads hearing need to be worked on. I can’t say brands without creating a legal snafu. And maybe it doesn’t even matter – UNLESS you are about to buy a new computer. But wouldn’t you like to know which brands (or even if you should buy a brand rather than have one custom built) before you submit that purchase order or plunk down your credit card?

Although asSYSter has no connections with specific suppliers, we can steer you in the direction of those companies who take care of their customers (at least to a level that we consider acceptable).

Frankly, one of the best feelings is being able to help someone, like you, get the exact equipment and software that will make your business technologically efficient. Whether it’s going with off-the-shelf hardware and software, or using alternative hardware (custom built systems) or software (Linux and other Microsoft alternatives) asSYSter wants to get you off on the best foot.

Our consulting can be as simple as a phone appointment or as complex as an on-site analysis of your building environment, your business plan and your long range goals.

Consulting can also take the form of helping with current problems – should you upgrade; what do you do about problems you are experiencing; and why shouldn’t you just throw that darn thing right out the window.

Just like calling your computer manufacturer or Microsoft to get answers to questions, we provide phone consulting on common issues. The difference of course, is the fact that we are your local computer “doctor”, and not only do we know you, but we care about your business, because your success is our success.