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Data Recovery

Hard drives crash. As you can see in the section below, asSYSter may be able to recover the data from your hard drive, but wouldn't it be nice to avoid that situation?

The above scenario is a classic example of the kinds of upgrades and/or maintenance that you need asSYSter to help you with. Recently the cost and effectiveness of backup accessories has become affordable to nearly every one. A DVD burner, a piece of hardware that will let you back up your entire system to a single disk, can be installed in most systems in about an hour. Training your staff to create a “ghost” – a snapshot of your hard drive at a given moment – will also take about an hour. This is a quick and cost effective method of safeguarding your business data.

As for the software component of your system, protection against security breaches has become a huge portion of the thrust of upgrades coming from popular brands such as Norton, Microsoft and Adobe. Although this is generally a good thing, many systems are becoming overloaded. It's not uncommon to hear that even the companies themselves can't help you install their software. Why? In large part it's because they are only seeing a small piece of the computer puzzle. Since asSYSter works with both software and hardware, we can often find the hang-ups where the “specialists”/customer service reps can only see past the small corner they are looking at.

The question is not IF your computer will crash, but WHEN will your computer crash. Hard drives fail, and fail often. System components burn out. Do you know when it happens?

Actually, it would be much less painful if you have implemented a solid back up process, which would allow you to simply restore your most recent data. Let asSYSter help with this!

But if you haven't created a back up and your hard drive crashes, there is a possibility that asSYSter can retrieve some or all you're lost data using special software and techniques that we have learned. Whatever data can be retrieved will be returned to you or we can help you reinstall it on your new hard drive or system.



What would you think of a “Computer Lemon Law” like the car lemon law that currently exists? Send us your thoughts.