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Internet/Network Setup

Broadband is the way business does business online. DSL and cable are methods of accessing the Internet that are markedly faster than a dial up connection, but require your system have specific equipment. Although the broadband provider you choose will set up your initial contact there are many additional steps that should be taken to give you a complete and secure connection. For example, asSYSter can ensure that you have both your hardware and software firewalls (a kind of “moat” around your computer) to allow only those programs you want to come in and go out.

In addition, you will probably want your Internet access to go to all the computers in your office. This can be done via a wired or wireless network, which asSYSter can install.

While Internet access is an excellent reason to network your office systems, the other reason to network is to share information among the people who need to. Networking can be a tricky process… you need some co-workers to access all the data on your network, but you also have confidential information for certain “eyes only”. Let asSYSter set up your network to suit all your office needs.



Wireless network security IS an issue that needs your attention. Data that moves through the air on radio waves is available to anyone who knows how to “tune in” to that frequency. There are ways to makes sure that passers-by on the street don't log on to your network to surf the Internet or, more significantly, grab data from your computers. Nothing is fool-proof, but let asSYSter make it as secure as possible.