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Computer Hardware/Software Upgrades/Maintenance

Upgrade or buy new? It's like the rent vs. own dilemma. When is it more cost effective to upgrade that 3-year-old PC than buy a new one because you can get a great deal?

Guess what? It depends….

Recently asSYSter has recommended to 2 clients that they buy new systems because the upgrades they needed would have cost more than a new PC.

On the other hand, 2 clients simply needed to upgrade – one move from Windows ME to Windows XP and one added a DVD/CD-RW burner to hold their backups.

asSYSter can do more than upgrades or system analysis: we can make sure all the processes of your system are optimized: we offer preventative maintenance and service contracts, some of which not only include a replacement machine, but include both on-site and long distance (via remote access) service.

Our preventative maintenance includes:

  • Windows security updates and services packs;
  • Optimize file reads and writes, check the hard drives and schedule specific tasks (such as shutting down the system at a specific time);
  • Backups to disks or offsite destinations;
  • Anti-virus updates and scans; and
  • Any other necessary tasks.

Our remote access capability allows us to securely access PCs that may be having problems such as application errors or missing data files.

These services can be offered on site or via phone, or on a 1-time basis or even within a service agreement.



Heat kills, especially in a PC. Starting up a computer, like starting a car, requires a large amount of energy. As the circuits kick in the processor starts drawing power. This generates heat. Then the hard drives and other components inside turn on, start spinning or other wise start drawing energy and generating heat. When all is said and done, if your fan(s) aren't working your system can get too hot (literally) to touch.

It has been estimated that 70% of hard drive failures are due to heat and dust.

The moral: listen to your pc boot up and if it makes loud noises, put your hand in front of the fan opening. You should feel a strong stream of air coming from it. If you don't, turn on a small household fan and point it directly at the PC. Then call asSYSter to come check it out.