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General Computer Services

As your small business, out-sourced IT (Information Technology) department, asSYSter is available to take care of all your computer-related needs. We would like you to think of us as your “family” (computer) doctor. Let us grow with you as you grow your business – we can complete a system analysis and provide you with a report of your probable short and long range needs, including the type of hardware and software you need and the best place to acquire those products. When the equipment arrives, we'll help you set it up and establish a procedure for preventive maintenance that will meet your needs.

As you become more profitable, your technology needs will expand. At this point, a cost effective and painless transition will be essential. If asSYSter has been partnered with you from the beginning, we will know where you need to put your attention.

This form of partnership works best for both of us – you get someone who cares and knows you, and we know what is the likely cause of your trouble, without have you on the line for 45 minutes.


The average life of a computer is currently 5 years. The average life of a hard drive inside that computer is 2 years, depending on usage. You will probably find your computer “outdated” within 3 years.