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Web Sites

It's almost a given: you will be asked, “do you have a web site?” Anyone who is in business is expected to have at least a web presence.

A web site can be a double-edged sword:

•  With a professional web site, your clients have yet another form to judge your suitability: they have word-of-mouth testimonials, your print ads and the quality of your web site. Without one, your potential clients and current competition view you as more less “legitimate”.

•  With a useful web site, your clients will want to “visit” you when they have the time, which may or may not be limited to your brick and mortar store. Without a useful web site, your customers will be frustrated navigating your site, or not be able to access information about your products at all!

But let's be honest, all web sites are not created equal. Even brand name web sites can be more or less attractive or user friendly. And you can guess who much those brand name sites cost!

asSYSter offers affordable, customized web sites for nearly every small business owner.

Our “Up and Running” web sites are an entry level product that gives you a business “face lift” for the cost of a bottle of wrinkle remover.

Meanwhile, when you're ready to make a business statement, asSYSter can help you dress up to formal wear level with fully functional databases and/or e-commerce.

The most frequently asked question we get is “how much will my web site cost?” To be blunt, we can't answer that question without doing a proposal. Just to give you a hint of what we mean,

•  What style do you want your site to be: a) professional; b) casual; c) business-like but casual?

•  What color scheme do you want? This will be based in part on whether you currently have a business theme or are starting new and want to integrate all your marketing materials in one style.

•  How many pages do you need on your web site? What will be the content on each page? Who is responsible for updating this content?

You see, it can be quite complicated can't it?

Given that caveat, our bare bones “Up and Running” web sites start at $495.